Friday 8 November 2013

Exciting times ahead

I have been busy this week helping with plans for the opening of Bradford Local Studies and Archives the date and details are hush hush at the moment but the launch events are looking goods and it will be a bright contemporary space with lots of new features. I will be giving a talk on one of Bradford’s notable events in history and helping out on various other events in launch week. Watch this space for more news.

I have also been very busy not only has it been half term and my daughter’s birthday but I have been working on the ‘Great War Britain: Bradford’ book. I’m pleased to say I am now over half way though writing. No one chapter is complete yet but I am liking the way it is shaping up and flowing. I’m sure there will be lots of editing involved as I have too much I want to include and only 45,000 word limit. Don’t worry there’ll be 80 pictures too and the text will be broken up with short case studies and profile pieces it won’t be a long essay!!

I have also been meeting with other local arts groups to see if there are opportunities to work together during the centenary as well as some schools who played a vital role towards the war effort at the time.

Next week I really must get more works on paper but will update you on plans for the library when I get the all clear.

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