Friday 10 February 2012

Recruitment and more

I have just transferred the blogs about recruitment in Bradford to the main website and have added the latest update “Reserves for the Pals – Weeding out the unfit.

I want the content of the BradfordWW1 site to cover the main issues faced by Bradford at the time of the First World War and to keep the blog for more informal discussion with you all about the issues.  Please join in the discussions!

I will continue to post updates on my visits to the archives on the blog as and when I have time. I have taken to live tweeting from the archives as so often by the time I have returned home and found time to get to the computer I have forgotten what it was that I had found so interesting/amusing at the archives so it is easier if I tweet about it while I am there.

So please follow my twitter feed where I also tweet notable dates from Bradford’s history or watch the home page where the twitter feed is available.


  1. Another interesting aspect about the 19th and 20th (Reserve) Battalions is that these battalions were used to feed active front-line units. My own research into the 10th (Service) Battalion, West Yorkshire Regiment shows a number of 19/ and 20/prefix men killed with this battalion at Fricourt on 1 July 1916. Among those men killed and buried in Fricourt New Military Cemetery are: F. Bolton (19/178); J. N. Smith (19/135) and Joseph Harold Thompson (20/42). Pte. J. Turner (19/72), was originally buried in Hare Lane Cemetery, along with Joseph Nagle (18/1136), who had been transferred to 10th West Yorkshire Regiment from the 2nd Bradford Pals in the early 1916. The remains of these men were later exhumed and reburied in Dantzig Alley Cemetery (Mametz) after the war. Further details may be found on the CWGC Database re Fricourt New Military Cemetery and Hare Lane - and other Bradford men who had served and died with 10th West Yorkshire Regiment in the Great War. I hope this helps. Best Regards, Dave Stowe.

  2. Many thanks Dave for your continued support and sharing of knowledge. Lots of soldiers were transferred and moved from Battalion to Battalion as needs required, I have found some with a dozen different regimental numbers which makes it hard to trace them through the war diaries!

    Anyone who needs help, or just doesn't have time, to search for service records, medals or graves for their ancestors can contact me for research services


  3. Continuing the theme of recruitment and enlistment, the following men have a connection to the Bradford area. All served and died with 10/West Yorkshire Regiment during the Great War. Regards, Dave Stowe.

    Bradford Born and Enlisted: 10/West Yorkshire Regiment

    Abbott, Edward [E. Bradford]; Ambler, Granville [E. Bradford]; Barker, Harry [E. Leeds]; Barrett, John William [E. Bradford]; Betts, Alma [E. York]; Bowling, George [E. Leeds]; Brearton, Arthur [E. Bradford]; Brook, Albert [E. Bradford]; Brook, Rufus Lightowler [E. Bradford]; Burbidge, Arthur [E. Bradford]; Butler, Alfred [E. Bradford]; Butler, Fred [E. Bradford]; Cockroft, Harry [E. Bradford]; Danby, Alfred [E. Bradford]; Davy, Charles [E. Bradford]; Dunn, Ernest [E. Bradford]; Dunn, James [E. Bradford]; Fryer, Ernest [E. Bradford]; Gill, William [E. Bradford]; Hall, Charles Arthur [Bradford]; Jones, Jesse [E. Bradford]; Kershaw, Frederick William [E. Bradford]; Lawrence, Leonard [E. Bradford]; Ludlam, Arthur [E. Bradford]; Moorhouse, William Henry [E. Bradford]; McLoughlin, Michael [E. Bradford]; Nagle, Joseph [E. Bradford]; Palfreeman, Stead [E. Bradford]; Patrick, Horatio [E. Bradford]; Raper, Matthew [E. Bradford]; Ridley, Tom [E. Bradford]; Robertshaw, William [E. Cleckheaton, Yorks]; Shoesmith, Fred [E. Bradford]; Smith, George [E. Bradford]; Smith, John Norris [E. Bradford]; Stead, John [E. Bradford]; Summersgill, James Arthur [E. Bradford]; Taylor, William Edward [E. Bradford]; Thompson, Joseph Harold [E. Bradford]; Waddington, Henry [E. Bradford]; White Edward [E. Leeds]; Woodhead, Squire [E. Bradford]; Worsman, Fred [E. Bradford]

  4. Dave, Many Many thanks for posting that list of names