Monday 21 November 2011

Yorkshire Dialect – Rambling Remarks

November - Weather

“We’re all fond o’ tawkin abaat mists, fogs an dull days i’ November, as if ther’s nivver onny breet days; but aw’ve known money a November ‘at’s had days as breet an bonny as what ther’s been i’ April and May. But that’s just like us, if we find owt pleasant we accept it an forget it in a few baars, but if we meet owt ‘at’s disappointin or disagreeable, we nurse it, an harp on it, for months. It’s foolish we all know, for nubdy ‘at’s onny wit expects to find nowt but sunshine i’ this life. If we wor hawf as thankful for us blessins as we are discontented wi awr trubbles, we should find life better worth livin.”

John Hartley (1910) The Original Clock Almanack


  1. I feel sure that John Hartley would have included 'bleggin' in his work but I've lost my 1912 copy of 'Dialect'. 'Bleggin' was also blackberry or raspberry-picking. Less tastefully - in the strongest possible sense of the meaning - I have heard 'blegging' referred to as 'nose-picking'. It makes sense; though foraging of another kind. Never let it be said that Yorkshire folk are frugal when it comes to speech and langauge. There seems to be a meaning for everything. Such is the richness and wealth of Yorkshire slang and dialect!

  2. I had a quick check in the autumn entries to see if he mentioned 'bleggin' but it wasn't given a mention in this edition - wonderful word though! I'm posting a new section of text every month so keep watching for more wonderful insights into Yorkshire language and culture of the time!

    1. Thanks for that. I think Hartley's book was among a number of books I donated to the PDSA a few months ago. It had a wonderful glossary in the back.

  3. Oh no glossary in the back of my copy unfortunately :0(