Monday 9 September 2013

Cracking on - Trade and the War

At last the children returned to school and I am able to crack on with writing the book. This week focussing on the impact of the war on the local trade. I have been particularly interested in the impact on the woollen sector, in which Bradford was a heavily involved, and the issues surrounding the lack of dyes that were produced in this country prior to the war.

The weekly trip to Bradford Archives on Friday uncovered some wonderful information in parish magazines but disappointingly little has been found in actual company records. A trip to the Industrial Museum to search their collections might be necessary.

I have also been busy making preparations for a trip to London for The History Press First World War Centenary Event on the 12th September and combining it with a trip to the National Archives. More on that next week!

The Peace Museum has also been hitting the news with their Choices: Then and Now project soon to be launched. I have been involved in the thinking for the project and am looking forward to working with the museum during the centenary.

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