Friday 13 January 2012

Trim awr sails and hooap for th’ best – wonderful Yorkshire dialect and storytelling

"A new year brings new responsibilities, - new joys an new sorrows, an we mun try to face em wi new strength. It’s like startin wi a new wife, - yo can nivver tell ha things will turn aght. Ther’s hooap one minnit an fear th’ next... Ther’s noa bigger mistak for a chap to mak nor to lay daan a hard an fast line for his futer conduct, for he’ll nivver be able to stick to it, an if he did he’d miss a deal moor nor he’d gain. When a captain starts on a voyage he knows his destination, but that’s abaat all. He cannot tell what storms he’ll meet, an ha far he’ll be driven aght ov his coorse, but he prepares as weel as he can for emergencies, an then trusts to luck. Well, let’s all trim awr sails an hooap for th’ best”

Just one example of the wonderful use of the Yorkshire Dialect by John Hartley in his 1910 Clock Almanack.

Hartley, John 1910 The original Clock Almanack in the Yorkshire Dialect

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