Friday 11 November 2011

Peace and Remembrance

The war which lasted 4 years and 3 months was called to an end when the Armistice was signed on the 11th November 1918 and 6 hours later military operations ceased. Everyone felt the impact of the war and we should take time to remember not only those who sacrificed their lives or were wounded but also those who contributed to the war effort at home. Remember those who worked in a munitions factory, nursed the wounded, volunteered, who struggled to survive emotionally and financially and the communities that supported them.

I’m sorry that I cannot provide details of the reaction to the armistice in Bradford as the newspapers are currently unavailable. However I thought it might be appropriate to record the Peace Day Celebrations that were arranged by Bradford Poor Law Board of Guardians on 19th July 1919.

Inmates, who were still dispersed at different locations due to the use of Union House and St Luke’s Hospital as a War Hospital, were allowed special fare consisting of:
·   Breakfast – bread, margarine, tea, bacon, sausage.
·   Dinner – beef, plum pudding, vegetables, oranges.
·   Tea – bread, margarine, cake, cheese.
·   Extras – sweets, tobacco, snuff, biscuits.

Visiting regulations were relaxed and entertainments arranged. The children at the children’s home at Bowling Institution were provided with sports and outdoor amusements with a marquee erected for the provision of tea and, with the approval of the Minister of Health, the sum of 6d each for pocket money. The members of the Ladies Cottage Homes Visiting Committee were invited and arrangements made to hold the event in a vacant block at St Luke’s in case the weather was wet.

Staff at the various institutions were granted a days holiday and 2/6 in consideration of the extra work they had to perform on the actual day (given at the discretion of the master/superintendent).

I hope the memories of a wide range of people who lived during that time can be maintained forever. If you would like to preserve the memory of your Bradford ancestors and their families who experienced life during through the war by sharing it online please contact me.

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