Thursday 3 July 2014

Children in WW1

This week I have been busy providing interactive sessions with 60 children from 2 schools each day at Bradford City Library as part of their Children’s Book Week Programme (pictures to follow hopefully). The sessions on life for 'Children in WW1' have gone down well with the teachers and the children who get involved in an argument over a ruler and learn how the war broke out. They also had the chance to see the film strip made by a 9 year old boy, Charles Harold Wood, during the war and that really captured their imaginations. If you would like me to visit your school to talk about children or any other aspect of WW1 please email me.

The West Riding Ruggers have also been at the Library helping the children to make a reading rug for the library with a poppy design that was produced in association with the children. 

Watch out for next weeks post when Bradford was overrun by  bikes in 1915 just as it will be this weekend for le Tour de France.

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