Thursday 16 October 2014

Bradford Pals Clothing Contracts - part 1

In October 1914 clothing and equipment contracts were placed by the Citizens' Army League for the Bradford Pals as follows:-

  • Boots - Messrs B Bonner and Sons, Bradford
  • Shirts - Bradford Manufacturing Co. Ltd, Messrs G Brown and Son, Bradford and Messrs R Whitehead and Co, Bradford
  • Socks - Davidson's Stores, Bradford, Messrs A Gregson and Co, Bradford and Messrs Millar Raynor and Hayson Ltd, London
  • Jerseys - Messes Lingards Ltd, Bradford
  • Towels - Messrs Parkinson, Clark and Co Ltd, Bradford
  • Kit Bags - Messrs Brown, Muff and Co Ltd, Bradford
  • Braces - Sports and Pastimes Ltd, Bradford
  • Hold-alls - Messrs Lingards Ltd, Bradford
  • Hair brushes - Messrs Lingards Ltd, Bradford
  • Shaving brushes - Messrs R Chadwick and Co, Bradford
  • Toothbrushes - Messrs Brown, Muff and Co Ltd, Bradford
  • Knives, forks and spoons - Messrs Rushworth Ltd, Bradford
  • Combination knives - Messrs T Underwood and Co, Bradford
Mr J Dobson, Charles Street, Bradford to provide a comb to each member of the battalion free of charge
Regulation equipment for infantry has been applied for from the Government stores at Woolwich.

More contracts were issued the following week.

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