Friday 11 October 2013

Musical Beds

Well the talk last week at Bradford Family History SocietyMusical beds – Military use of Bradford’s Hospitals in WW1” complete with elevator music went down well. It was based on a lot of research which like a jigsaw puzzle took a lot of piecing together, as a result it contained a lot of information that people hadn’t previously known. 

I contacted two of the schools that feature in the talk to see if they were interested in finding out more. I could just go and repeat the talk for them but I would like to do something more interactive with the children, time and budget allowing!

I have been busy writing for the book, first turning the musical beds talk into part of a chapter and also writing up some of the research I undertook at the National Archives. It is starting to come together well, the chapters are taking shape!

I have also been busy networking, catching up with the PeaceMuseum, Local Councillors, other History Press Great War Authors and other local WW1 projects including ShipleyWW1 and Keighley's Men of Worth

I am hoping to create a series of talks that can be given over the course of the centenary, ‘Musical Beds’ and ‘Raspberries and Cream Cakes’ being just two of them. As you can tell from the titles I try and engage the audience in the material and find amusing tales in what might otherwise be a sombre topic.

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