Wednesday 18 April 2012

April – umberel – Wonderful Yorkshire Dialect

It’s a poor heart ‘at doesn’t rejoice an welcome April. It isn’t only what it brings, but what it promises. Ov coorse ther’s allus some exceptions. A chap ‘at hasn’t a umberel an cant afford to buy one is badley off, but even then ther’s few things easier to forget. Awm rather forgetful mysen, but aw’ve nooaticed ‘at if yo goa aught wi one ‘at’s worth abaat tuppence hawpeny, yo’re sewer to bring it hooam safely, its nobbut when yo have a silk en ‘at’s worth summat like ten shillings ‘at yor mem’ry leaves yo.

Hartley, John 1910 The original Clock Almanack in the Yorkshire Dialect

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