Tuesday 14 February 2012

Volentines – February

"Ther did used to be a bit o’ fun for th young fowk on the 14th when volentines use to be knockin abaat, but that’s noa longer th’ case. Pictur pooast cards killed th’ volentine craze an they’ve ommost had ther day. All romance seems to be deein aght nah days; fowk have to work soa hard for a livin ‘at they’ve noa time for sich foolishness as volentines. Even love has to tak a back seeat nah, an a lass thinks moor abaat what a chap haddles nor abat what he is. Wimmen are gettin moor independent an men indifferent. Lasses nah days had rayther goa an stand behind a caanter an sarve customers ner stop at hooam to help ther mother an leearn to bake an cook an keep a haase cleean an tidy... an then fowk say they wonder ha it is ‘at young chaps dooant seem i’ such a hurry to get wed as they used to be. An then tak th’ young chaps – what abaat them? What are they dooin? Fooitball i’ winter an cricket i’ summer is all they show onny interest in. Net ‘at aw’ve owt agean gams o’ that sooart, but one cannot help thinkin sometimes ‘at if they’d to give ther muscles a bit less wark an ther brains a bit moor they’d be better for it."

Just one more example of the wonderful use of the Yorkshire Dialect by John Hartley in his 1910 Clock Almanack.

Hartley, John 1910 The original Clock Almanack in the Yorkshire Dialect

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