Friday 4 November 2011

Whiskey and Worms – wonderful Yorkshire dialect and storytelling

“It matters nowt what yo say if fowk miss th’ point. It reminds me o’ what aw heard when aw wor at Keighley. Ther’d been a teetotal lecturer thear, an after tellin em what a fearful thing drink wor, an ha they wor shortenin ther days wi swallerin sich poison, he sed he’d give em a object lesson to prove it; soa he gate two glasses an filled one wi water an tother wi whisky, an then he tuk a worm aght ov a little box an dropt it into th’ glass o’ watter an it wor sooin wriggling abaat as lively as could be. “Nah,” he sed, “yo can see for yorsen ‘at watter willn’t hurt even a worm. But mark th’ difference,” an he tuk th’ worm aght o’th’ watter, an dropt it into th’ whiskey an in a minnit it wor deead. Ther wor a deal ov applause at this experiment, an as sooin as things quietened daan a woman at th’ far end o’th’ raam gate up an spake. “Awm glad aw coom to this lectur,” shoo sed, “for aw’ve been troubled wi them things i’ mi inside for monny a year, but aw know nah ha to get shut on them.” Soa yo see shoo’d mist th’ point o’th arguement.”

Just one example of the wonderful use of the Yorkshire Dialect by John Hartley in his 1910 Clock Almanack.

Hartley, John 1910 The original Clock Almanack in the Yorkshire Dialect

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  1. Ah dunt know abaht thee but ah that werr ded reight. An it shows that them theer doctors know nowt abaht whiskey an all!