Thursday 11 August 2011

At the Archives - Men Women and Things – The Ladies Field magazine 1916

Fits of giggles could be heard from the Bradford Archives today as we poured over a copy of “The Ladies Field” Magazine. It started out like a copy of Hello with a section entitled “Men Women and Things” showing photos of the rich and famous getting married and attending events. The main feature was an article about lingerie which covered several pages with lots of photographs which somehow developed into sports jackets.  This was followed by several pages of dogs and later prizewinning cats. 
The main reason for getting this item out from the depths of the archives was a nice overarching article about “Bradford’s work for the War.” It covered the soldiers and sailors dependants relief committee, the Lady Mayoress’s War Guild, War Hospital Supply Depot, the Khaki Club and the care of Belgium Refugees. I will be covering these subjects in greater detail over the next 6 months.
Source The Ladies Field August 12th 1916

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